• The Collection

    Glass Vodka is dedicated to producing the finest spirits that represent the perfect blend of art and science. Our flagship product is Glass Vodka, a premium, grape-based vodka distilled locally from Washington wine. Our classic Glass Vodka is the essential base to our entire Collection – Nectar, Kona, Spice and GridIron. Glass is truly a Connoisseur class family of spirits.
  • Glass Vodka

    Discover the sophistication and elegance of 100% wine grape-distilled Glass Vodka, the award-winning sipping vodka specifically designed for the ultimate in discerning tastes. Beginning with a lightly floral nose and highlighting initial honeysuckle and citrus notes, Glass Vodka has an unforgettably silky smooth mid-palate with a cool and clean finish. Distilled in Seattle using Washington-grown wine grapes.
  • Glass Kona

    Glass Kona vodka represents a remarkable marriage of our award winning artisan Glass Vodka, and the smooth, rich taste of freshly-roasted Hapuna Kehai coffee, sourced from Hawaii and hand-roasted locally in small batches by Seven Coffee Roasters in Ballard, Washington. In crafting this truly unique and dry spirit, we do not add any sweeteners. The resulting flavor experience showcases the bright, creamy elegance of a freshly pulled shot of espresso and ends with smooth floral notes of Glass Vodka.
  • Glass Nectar

    Award-winning Glass Vodka infused with hand gathered honey. Every batch of Glass Nectar is unique because each batch is created with a single select harvest of all natural honey from our beekeeper’s apiary. This hand harvest process creates a vintage bottling with every batch. Delicately sweet with a lightly floral nose. 100% hand crafted for sophisticated palates.
  • Glass Spice

    Rare Ceylon cinnamon from Sri Lanka infuses award winning Glass Vodka to create Glass Spice, a nuanced and delicately warm spirit with light, earthy sweetness. Pure Ceylon cinnamon bark is hand cut, hand rolled, and sun dried specifically for Glass Distillery. An undeniably floral nose with hints of heat and honeyed fruit compliments the rich, cognac color and notes of dry vanilla and cloves. Hand crafted for discerning palates.
  • Gridiron

    Gridiron Vodka is a blend of spirits derived from Washington wine grapes and neutral grain spirits sourced from California. This results in a wonderfully clean and smooth vodka that blends the the warmth and taste of a traditional grain-based vodka with the subtle elegance the of wine grape base. We like to describe Gridiron Vodka as the younger and sassy sibling to the more sophisticated and elegant Glass Vodka.


A Connoisseur is someone that holds a deep appreciation for the things they feel are the finer things in life be it art, fashion, automobiles, wine, travel or fine distilled spirits. They live their lives in search of new, distinct and life enhancing experiences.

Our vodka is created for a Connoisseur-Class™ of consumers that want to discover, own and truly appreciate the beauty and sophistication of our vodkas.

We believe that being a true Connoisseur is an elevated state of appreciation for a chosen subject
rather than a pretentious designation or title.



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