Connoisseur Class

A connoisseur is someone that holds a deep appreciation for the things they feel are the finer things in life be it art, fashion, automobiles, wine, travel or fine distilled spirits. One who lives in search of new, distinct and life enhancing experiences.

We believe that being a true connoisseur is an elevated state of appreciation for a chosen subject
rather than a pretentious designation or title.  

Our vodka is created for a Connoisseur-Class® of consumers who want to discover, own and truly appreciate the beauty
and sophistication of our vodkas.



We take the high road and stick to the highest standards of integrity. The saying, “character is what you do when no one is looking” are words we live by. In today’s world, that is original.


Our lives are led with a sense of exploration. We are awake and alive and are curious about everything that is going on in the world.


Because we love the feeling of being in the know (and being in the now) and everyone expects it from us… because we live it.


Yes, we see the elegance in the standard definition, but we understand that if look you close enough, you can find it in unexpected places.  At Glass, we are passionate in searching it out.



Glass creates products that reflect how true connoisseurs experience life; using all their senses to fully appreciate and enjoy the unique quality and nature of any fine good or service. The demand for handcrafted, or artisanal vodka across the US has risen at a higher rate than the overall vodka market. Glass Vodka is at the pinnacle of
this demand for artisanal spirits.

The Glass Culture can be expressed
though these three guiding principals:


Seek out the unexpected and revel in it through all aspects of life – but especially when enjoying the cocktail hour!


Experiment until you find the perfect cocktail and then share it with your friends – expand your life experiences!


Be fresh, original and creative in the pursuit of the finer things in life. We recommend this same approach in creating cocktails.


From the very first time you meet a Glass Vodka team member we want you to think, “Who is this person, they really love their job, I want to work where they work, and what are they drinking?” Our entire team wishes to ensure you enjoy every aspect of the Glass Vodka culture.

Ian MacNeil / Founder
Connoisseur of life

Melaina Moustakis / Head Distiller
We have the coolest, hippest, most fiercely knowledgeable distiller ever.  She distills Glass Vodka and does it with style!

Mary Bacarella / VP Marketing and Brand Development
Presenting Glass Vodka to our customers with an essential style and elegance that only a little black dress can bring!

Ross MacNeil / Chargé d’affaires / Michigan
Ross is related to Ian; in fact, Ross is Ian’s brother. Coming from a pharmaceutical background, Ross understands what makes people feel better. Spend a few moments with him and you will understand how Glass Vodka can make you feel so much better, too!

Adonis McNeal / NW Director of Sales / Washington
No blood relation to Ian, but they both thoroughly enjoy
the finer things in life.

Denise Wardlaw / Vodka Boutique & Tasting Room Manager
She knows her way around a luxury brand like no one else.  She knows shoes, handbags and fashion but she knows vodka best!


giving program

We believe that giving back to our community is essential in our lives and to our brand. Glass Distillery maintains a firm commitment to supporting the efforts of local and national non-profit organizations in their quest to fund vital services and research advancements in the areas of health and human services, arts and culture and education globally.

To date, we have had the honor of supporting more than
300 organizations across more 450 events.

For additional details on our Giving Guidelines or to move forward in making a formal donation request, please review the documents below.

GD Donation Request Form (click here to download)
GD Giving Guidelines (click here to download)