• The Collection

    Glass Distillery is dedicated to crafting an artisan, connoisseur-class® collection of spirits made from the finest wine grapes grown in the Pacific Northwest. Made with an unwavering sense of discovery and a deep appreciation for art, authenticity and design, we create products that spirit and cocktail enthusiasts around the world celebrate for our smooth, refined finish and elegant packaging. To date, our collection has accumulated over 40 international awards across North America, Europe and Asia.
  • Glass Vodka: made from wine grapes

    The flagship product in our collection, Glass Vodka is an internationally-acclaimed, artisan spirit uniquely made with Pacific Northwest-grown grapes. Known for its unforgettably smooth finish, Glass Vodka is our liquid celebration of art, authenticity and life.
  • Glass Kona: coffee-infused vodka

    Glass Kona represents a remarkable marriage of our award-winning flagship vodka and the smooth, rich taste of freshly-roasted Hapuna Kehai coffee. Our coffee is sourced still green from Hawaii and then hand-roasted in small batches by Seven Coffee Roasters in Ballard, Washington. Custom ground and slowly cold brewed, the coffee is then blended with Glass Vodka. Without any added sweeteners, Glass Kona is a romantic expression of our love for freshly roasted coffee and is a beautiful sipping spirits.
  • Glass Nectar: honey-infused vodka

    Our internationally-acclaimed flagship vodka is infused with artisan, hand-gathered honey to create Glass Nectar. Golden in color and crafted to provide an elegant, warm and delicately sweet finish, approximately one ounce of honey is the only ingredient added to Glass Vodka in order to create this delectable nectar of the Gods.
  • Glass Spice: cinnamon-infused vodka

    Rare hand-harvested cinnamon is infused with our award-winning flagship vodka to create Glass Spice, a rich, cognac colored spirit with hints of sweet vanilla, cloves and an unapologetically dry finish. Glass Spice is the only infused, licensed vodka in the world to bears the official Ceylon Cinnamon seal from Sri Lanka.
  • Gridiron: vodka made from wheat and wine grapes

    Gridiron is a unique blend of vodka crafted 75% from organic California wheat and 25% from Pacific Northwest wine grapes. It is wonderfully pure and smooth, blending the warmth and traditional taste profile of a neutral grain-based vodka with a subtle hint of sophistication from the wine-distilled Glass Vodka.
  • Selkirk: barrel rested vodka

    The most distinctive member of the Glass Distillery collection is Selkirk, created by resting our award-winning Glass Vodka in charred new American oak barrels for over many months. This extremely rare spirit will appeal to consumers who not only enjoy the smoothness of our flagship vodka, but also the complexity found in a single malt Scotch whisky, a Polish Starka or a Anejo tequila. A very limited release, each bottle is individually signed and hand numbered by our Founder and Head Distiller, Ian MacNeil.