In 2012, Ian G. MacNeil launched Glass Distillery to introduce his flagship spirit, Glass Vodka, to the public. His goal was to create a vodka that was pure, smooth and artfully crafted, with a deep appreciation for the environment from which it was born.

Never one to shy away from the spotlight or quietly accept convention, Ian wanted Glass Vodka to represent a taste for curious rebellion.

Ian is a renaissance man, an entrepreneur, an artist, a pilot, a chef – a connoisseur of a variety of areas in life from food to wine to spirits to travel – and a consummate student of science, art and life.  He is committed to producing the highest quality vodka in a place he loves.  His ties and support for the Northwest community extends beyond the sourcing of grapes from local vineyards.  Glass Distillery is honored to support the talent of the region’s glassblowing artists from which the name “Glass” is inspired.  

His new guard vodka celebrates all that life has to offer from refinement and beauty, to conflict and creativity. He invites you to taste and share his dream that is Glass Vodka.



Glass Vodka is distilled from grapes which gives this classic spirit a modern and personal distinction. These grapes are harvested from the rich soils of the Pacific Northwest—one of the world’s premier winemaking regions.

Sure, grape-based vodka is a little uncommon. It’s even a bit risky. But it is a successful venture. The natural tastes that stem from the grapes and the soil impart distinctive nuances only found in superior Vodkas. The varying notes are savored by spirits aficionados, well-defined to a connoisseur, pleasingly unexpected to the casual drinker, and mindfully delivers an unforgettably refined finish. In the end, it is just a drink. But it is conceived with passion, irreverence, and a love of new experiences. It is a drink that celebrates and elevates art, beauty and life itself.


Much like the provenance of the prized grapes curated for the distillery, Glass Vodka’s operation is founded in the rich soils of the Pacific Northwest. Recognized as the region that gave rise to world-class global icons such as Boeing, Starbucks, Microsoft, Amazon, Costco and Chateau Ste. Michelle, we proudly call Seattle home. Among the flagship community of corporate residents, a special thread emerges, as emblematic of their intention and philosophy: it is a commitment to change the common experience to positively influence, and yes, disrupt convention, in the unending campaign to provide the most evolved and
dominant product the customer can encounter.

Glass distillery is located in the SODO area of Seattle and is a stunning space with its operational German stills fully on display. Employing both kettle and column stills in production, we produce an incredibly elegant and silky smooth 190-proof spirit that retains the subtle and unique character of the grapes from which the vodka is distilled.

Our engaging and knowledgeable staff welcomes you to our artfully designed Glass Vodka Boutique and Tasting Room located directly next door to the distillery. Come in and let us introduce you to our
Connoisseur-Class® Spirit collection and experience our brand of
bespoke disruption in your glass.



The curiosity starts with the bottle. Our patrons have described the design of our 100% crystal bottle with its one-of-a-kind stopper as “dynamic, original, elegant, inspired, emotional, provocative.”

“It is the embodiment and spirit of delivering the unexpected.”
Ian MacNeil ~ Founder, Glass Distillery

Designed by Ian and inspired by his love of glass art, the bottle can be viewed as the manifestation of his artistic side coupled with a pursuit of balance in simplicity. In the power of simplicity and classic elegance, modernity and the extraordinary coexist. Though, its architecture suggests harmony and perhaps a certain intimacy, the immediate urge to touch the sloping sides of the bottle is Ian’s unapologetically conspicuous approach and obligation towards life. Ultimately, the bottle is a personal token of a keepsake to our patrons in
gratitude for choosing to share our passion.