Glass Vodka’s Holiday Cocktail Recipes

Unleash your inner mixologist this holiday season with Glass Vodka! Every weekend in December, the Boutique will highlight a signature holiday cocktail coupled with tastings of all our products. Join us each week to learn new cocktail recipes to add to your repertoire.

Here’s the line up:

Dec. 3 – The Winter’s Kick made with Glass Nectar. Our take on the Moscow Mule that will have you kicking up your dancing shoes!

Dec. 10 – This weekend experience the “sizzling, spicy, ultimate brunch essential like you’ve never experienced before,” Bloody Mary made with Glass Vodka.

Dec. 17 – With a cold wave hitting the U.S., “Baby It’s Cold Outside” feels like the perfect holiday cocktail to feature at the Boutique this weekend. Shop for all the vodka-lovers in your life while you sip on this delicious drink.

Dec. 23 –  “You know who” will be coming down your chimney this week and he’ll be expecting more than cookies and milk. “The Spicy Santa” is the naughty and nice answer that will make Mr. Claus glow and Mrs. Claus sparkle on Christmas Eve!

Dec. 30 – Ring in the new year with a “kiss!” Mix sweet, citrus and a few surprises with the smoothest vodka this side of heaven – the “New Year’s Kiss!”

All recipes are in the recipe section of our website.