Spirit of Detroit 60th Anniversary

In honor of the 60th anniversary of the Spirit of Detroit, Glass Vodka designed special edition bottles etched with the Spirit of Detroit statue. Our founder, Ian MacNeil grew up in the Detroit metro area and wanted to pay tribute to his childhood roots.

The Spirit of Detroit statue was created in 1955 by Marshall M. Fredericks. The statue is made out of bronze and represents the relationship between human relationships and God. A fun fact about the statue that many locals rave about is when any Michigan team makes the playoffs, the statue bears a jersey in celebration and support!

Amazing enough, Ian MacNeil’s mother-in-law is the Marshall M. Fredericks museum board chair, which is where he found the connection to this historic landmark. The museum highlights the life work of Marshall M. Fredericks and his pieces that are featured in over 150 public locations and stretch around the world. Some of his most notable contributions: The Cleveland War Memorial, Expanding Universe Fountain in Washington D.C., and of course, the Spirit of Detroit.

Glass Vodka only produced 36 of these engraved and numbered edition bottles! 6 are available at our Vodka tasting room in Seattle, and the rest of the bottles will be sold exclusively at Athens Liquor in Detroit. For every bottle sold, a donation will be made to the Marshall M. Fredericks sculpture museum!